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Inquire about the
high-resolution anime

What's AnimeRefiner?

AnimeRefiner is new type AI that can make animation more beautiful and high resolution. Through AnimeRefiner, any animation can higher its resolution 4 times in both length and width. It can be converted into beautiful images that look like they were originally made in that size. You can convert HD Size (1280×720px) animation to 4K or larger, and full HD (1920x1080px) animation to 8K size. With our own unique AI technology using Deep learning, it is incomparably beautiful and can dramatically enhance animation resolution.

AnimeRefiner・Conversion Sample Video

Examples of AnimeRefiner

Features of AnimeRefiner

High-resolution by the state-of-the-art AI technology (Deep Learning)

AnimeRefiner uses Deep Learning to achieve high resolution in high quality that traditional image extension and interpolation techniques (up conversion technology) have not enabled. By the unique AI model used in resolution enhance AI「Photo Refiner」, you can higher the resolution of animation 4 times in both length and width. Having learned many features of low-resolution and high-resolution animations, AI can higher animation resolution incomparably more beautiful than previous technologies.

the original anime

previous (up conversion) technologies


The edge is sharper and the thin outline is smooth, rather than the high resolution of existing technologies.

No need for a high-spec machine

In hardware, the high-performance GPU cluster and in softwear, patent-pending high-speed inference technology enabled high-speed inference. For example, in the CG field, rendering on their machines used to take time to obtain high quality images. But with AnimeRefiner, you can transform into a clean animation without using your own hardware.

Differences from previous conversion (up-convert) technologies

Many conversion (upconvert) technologies extend the video and interpolate it in between. This could cause the noise to be stretched out or blurred. AnimeRefiner eliminates a variety of noise with its own AI model. Sharpening blurred images with higher resolution. It also can express the shadows beautifully.

1. eliminates a variety of noise

2. sharpening the blur of the image by enlarging it

3. express the shadows beautifully

Save time and money for remastering and 4K and 8K animation production

4K remastering of past anime at low cost and speed

It takes a lot of time and money to produce an animated remaster. To increase the resolution, you have to enlarging the size to re-draw the blurred part by hand and repair it. You need to cleanly repair each frame while eliminating video noise and more. With AnimeRefiner, AI will re-master high-resolution anime by conjecturing. It is possible to make a beautiful remaster version by removing noise from the animations. AI replaces more than 90% of the remaster work.

Reduce the burden of creating 4K animation

With the spread of 4K TV, the need for 4K content has also increased. However, it takes more than twice time to draw the original picture in a 4K size as in a full HD size. AnimeRefiner enables a new method of creating by up-converting the original HD-sized Key Frame to 4K. This allows you to produce high-quality anime such as 4K and 8K with lower cost and speed. The budget reduction effect for 4K and 8K animation production can be expected.

About the anime "Milky Panic -twelve-"

Milky Panic -twelve- is an original animation fromTOMASON depicting the fight between the twelve zodiacs and the cat race with the western polemic touch and unique characters.

TOMASON is an animation and CG studio that continues to develop a wide range of activities, start from the "Hometown Reproduction Japanese Old Story" series, it include VP, CM, planetarium programs, 3DCG modeling, and even video content scenarios to music, sound production, and editing. Inquiries about Milky Panic -twelve-, please click here.

Please note that videos uploaded to the site and YouTube have been converted to AnimeRefiner's high-resolution processing after down-converting the FHD video to make it easier to understand the effects of AnimeRefiner's high-resolution.